Early Voting

Early Voting for the General Run-Off Election started yesterday, May 16 until Friday 20th at 6p. The final voter choices for nominees of the Democrats and Republican is the purpose of this type of election because the final choice must have won a majority of the votes cast. At stake are some very important choices for County Judge, Commissioner Pct. Various County Court at Law judges and Constables, mostly on the Democratic Party side. Sheriff nominee and constable dominate the interest on the Republican side. Be sure to vote Early and avoid the rush on the May 24th, Election day.
Congratulations are in order for those who ran vigorous campaigns for Texas Southmost College and the Port of Brownsville. The campaigns collectively increased voter turnout, doubling the number of votes cast during Early Voting and doubling again the votes cast on Election Day. Even the Mail-In ballots reached a high number of 510 for these type of elections. Everyone voting had a stake. The Establishment and incumbent candidates for the Port, Reed (unopposed), Gowen, and Lopez beat the Hernandez backed duo of Rivera and Villanueva by good margins. The campaign of Patrick Anderson by the anti-LNG group did not make much of a vote difference toward the loss by Rivera. Over on the TSC ballot side the surprise candidates were Zavaleta and non-candidates Hockaday who withdrew from the race but her name still appeared on the ballot. Zavaleta like Pizana did not wage much of a visible campaign; didn’t see much literature or street canvassers. Cantu, one of two women seeking office on the TSC board, and Zavaleta are now headed to a Runoff election later in June.
My family and I joined the hundreds who attended the 80th “Birth Day” party for the Port of Brownsville. We greeted Port Commissioners Masso and Woods who we ran into among the crowd and had a most informative boat tour narrated by none other than Port Director Eduardo Campirano. Thank you for a wonderful time while we visited our Port facilities and all the dozens of vendors who showed their community support with booths filled with information and goodies for the public including HEB who gets so much business from our community and gave back a little to the community with lots of hot dogs and drinks. We loved the “paleteros” the best. Thank you all.
The rest of the weekend was spent with my family on Boca Chica beach. Thank you, Commissioner Benavides, for keeping it clean and maintained for free beach access. We parked almost on the waterfront. It was definitely a great change from visiting any California beach or even the Charge-You-To-Park-Beach-Access on South Padre Island.! Maybe HEB can contribute Port-a-Potties at Boca Chica beach Commissioner.