Register to Vote

There are special elections being held in Cameron County and other places across the state on May 7th before the partisan political party Run-off elections of May 24th The basic rule regarding voter eligibility is to register to vote no less than 30 days before the election. So, the date for May 7th was yesterday, The close of eligibility for the Run-off election will be next April 25, 2016.

V3 volunteers and staff who are Cameron County Deputy Voter Registrars have been diligently registering voters all last week. In just four days at the student center of Texas Southmost College our V3 Army registered 110 new voters. And, these student voters now can choose who will sit as Trustee on the college board where three (3) seats are up. There are plenty of candidates for these positions. Their campaign signs are up all over the district area, mostly in Brownsville. Check them out before you vote. Early voting begins in ten (10 ) days, April 25, 2016.

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