Easter is around the corner and several things come to mind: La Cuaresma is going to be over, Whew!
Giving up things we love for Lent is a really difficult experience much like New Year Resolutions.
Except for one: Giving up giving up anything for La Cuaresma.

I am keeping one promise and that is to keep working for Bernie Sanders for president of the USA.

Headed now to K Mart (Yes, there are still some stores around) to register voters. I am a deputy voter
registrar for Cameron County. You should become one yourself in your county.

And over the weekend to as many parks where La Raza is to reigster more voters while they pray over the BBQ grills con unas frias in the ice chest while the kids hunt for the huevitos de la coneja.

Watch out for the cascarones con harina…