Last One Standing Writes…

Last One Standing Writes…

Yes, I am still standing and organizing at age 71. You remember Reies Lopez Tijerina, Corky Gonzales, Cesar Chavez (aka The Four Horsemen) and Las Veteranas Emma Tenayuca, Virginia Muzquiz,, Olga Villa, Maria Hernandez, and many, many others who have deceased?

I am organizing in Brownsville, Cameron County, Texas because it is the poorest MSA in the country! We must begin again from the bottom up across the Rio Grande Valley, on to the rest of Texas and the Southwest, and finish the entire country in twenty years. The Bernie Sanders for president got me out of retirement because what he stands for on the issues is the Raza Unida Platform. What he espouses is the substance of FDR’s Second Bill of Rights which never saw legislative light because he died. I want democratic socialism to compete in the public arena with corporate conglomerate capitalism on issue and positions.

Help me.

Join our V3 movement: Army for the Good.

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